Crispy Potatoes 12
roasted garlic aioli, thyme, rosemary / GF, DF, V

Fried Cauliflower 15
tahini crema, thai chile, sesame / GF, DFA, VEGA

Smoked Shrimp Spread 16
south coast ritz / GFA

Summer Corn & Crab Chowder 16
roasted green chile, crispy tortillas

Miso Broccolini Salad 15
radicchio, bourbon cherries, pickled red onion, honey roasted peanut / GF, DF, VEGA

Gem Wedge 15
cherry tomato, crumbled bleu, hard-boiled egg, pancetta, pickled red onion, miso ranch / GF, DF, VEGA

Smoked Clams & Mussels 26
iberico chorizo, coconut milk, modelo, toasted baguette

Cured Wings 21
house dry-rub, thai chili or garlic buffalo, miso ranch / GF, DFA

Handmade Burrata Cavatelli 27
confit cherry tomato & fennel, calabrian honey, basil / V, DFA

Elote Pappardelle 25
chili lime breadcrumb, cotija, cilantro / V

Market Catch MP
seasonal composition

The Burger 23
bacon jam, american cheese, special sauce, crispy potatoes / GFA

Pork Chop 40
double bone-in, roasted garlic grits, red wine braised cabbage, red eye gravy / GF

14oz Strip Steak 48
creamed street corn, wakame chimichurri, cotija

24oz Ribeye 82
tomato jam, spring onion butter / GF, DFA

GF-gluten free, GFA- gluten free available, V- vegetarian, VG- vegan, VGA-vegan available, DF- dairy free, DFA- dairy free available
Due to the exceptional quality of ingredients and daily preparation based on reservations, we politely decline modifications and substitutions.
 Part of our standard is "pan to plate" and your food will be served as soon as it is ready.