cacao nib & thyme infused vodka/gin, cinnamon syrup, lemon, orange

*refreshing, citrusy summertime fix, backboned with a favorite flavor combo of one of America’s favorite* chefs

Eight Fold Fence

suntory toki whisky, bourbon, plum syrup, tamari

*sweet, tart, umami: Japanese old fashioned*

Tilted Arc

gin, rum, lemon, raspberry syrup, orgeat, falernum (*contains nuts)

*these flavors join together to create this tilted plane of tiki*

Diamante Amarillo

tequila, suze, saffron infused cocchi americano, mezcal, cointreau

*mexico meets france with this dry & savory agave distillate based white negroni*

Himalayan Summer

gin or vodka, aquavit, lime, simple, cucumber, mint, peychaud’s bitters

*exceedingly refreshing maid style crusher with notes of caraway, lots of cucumber & mint*

Hook & Blade

H&H house rum blend, lime, sugar, house bitters

*we love a classic daiquiri. this is ours… because what one rum cant do, three rums can!*



tequila, pamplemousse liqueur, lime, grapefruit soda

*you wont be able to have just one…*

Absinthe Drip

authentic 100% wormwood absinthe, demerara

*high proof, herbal & anise flavor profile*

Old Fashioned

evan williams BIB, demerara, angostura

*the most authentic interpretation: spirit, sugar, water, bitters…*

Whiskey Sour

H&H barrel pick bourbon, sour, egg white, bordeaux float

*spirit forward whiskey balanced by acid & creamy texture*

Smoked Manhattan for 1 ($15) or 2 ($27)

weller special reserve, wild turkey rye 101, antica, amarena, angostura

*classic manhattan with smokey aroma & flavor, boozy but balanced*